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"¿Hay _____ en este bosque?" "Creo que sí. Hay lobos y osos peligrosos."
a. ballenas
b. tiendas de acampar
c. animales salvajes
d. cactos


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    Do you think that Sra may be ignoring you because you haven't shown your work? You haven't posted WHY you chose these answers.

    She -- and all of us -- want you to learn and not just write an alphabet letter.

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    ok, sorry Ms.Sue, i know why and how i got the answer. but i didn't write it.
    i'll do that from now on

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    Great! That's a good way of getting Sra to respond to your posts.

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    C is correct

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    Hello! No, I am not out of town, but I have been busy. My computer has been fixed as best it can be, considering it is nearly as old as I!

    We all appreciate seeing that you have made an attempt FIRST on these items! I have not been ignoring you and James has done well in helping you too!


    P.S. As I mentioned before, do NOT wait for me. Just post whatever you need and others will help you as well!

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    yes, when i noticed you weren't online, i kept posting.
    but honestly i trust your answers and help more than others :)

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