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1. I learned about some Chinese expressions and Chinese cultures.

2. I learned about the length of the Great Wall of China.

3. I leaned Chinese songs.

4. I learned that China has a long history. (Do we have to use 'had'?)

5. I learned that Chinese people are industrious.

6. I learned that China exports a lot of products to many countries.

7. I learned to swim from a Chinese swimming instructor.

(Are the expressions all grammatical?)

8. I learned Chinese old games.
8-1. I learned about Chinese old games.
(What is the difference between the two? Are both the same?)

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    1. Chinese culture (usually singular because it is one culture.
    2. and 3 = good.
    4. No, HAS is fine because it still has that history. "Had" would imply there is a new history now or that they no longer existed.
    5. Also, the word "the" with Chinese people just makes it more specific.
    6. and 7 = perfect.

    8. I larned old Chinese games. = this flows much better.
    Actually, I'm not fond of either 8 or 8-1! I learned old Chinese games and I learned about old Chinese games are essentially the same. I learned the games implies that I can play them now. I learned "about" the games does NOT mean that I learned the games and can play them.


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