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i am lost completly i don't know what to do. please help me!!!!

a farmer is adding a rectangle corral to the side of a barn. the barn will form one side og the rectangle . the farmer has 16 m of fencing to use. conduct an investigation to determine the dimension of the corral with maxium area?

please help me!!

  • grade 9 mathimathic optimizing -

    Did you make a sketch?

    notice the farmer needs only one length, but two widths.
    so 2w + l = 16

    make a chart with three columns
    one labeled "width", the next one "length" and the third "Area"

    now fill it in starting with w=1, then w=2 etc

    I see the following entries:
    1 14 14
    2 12 24
    3 10 30
    4 8 32 ....

    can you see what is happening to the Area?

  • grade 9 mathimathic optimizing -

    after the forth one the area is going backwards from before like 32,30,24?
    does that mean 4 by 8 will give the gratest area?

  • grade 9 mathimathic optimizing -

    except you meant to say volume, not area, right?

  • grade 9 mathimathic optimizing -

    isn;t it area becuase the third colmun is area

  • grade 9 mathimathic optimizing -

    You all are dumb

  • grade 9 mathimathic optimizing -


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