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I need some help. Could you help me find some information on the similarities between the Early Northern and Southern Colonies when it came to Political, social and economic. Thanks.

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    We'll be glad to help you.

    I assume you're asking about the American colonies in the 17th century.

    Please tell us what you know about these colonies and what you've found about their similarities and differences. Then we'll be glad to help you add to that information.

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    Some of the differences that I found was that the Northern Colonies political were very self seeking,the northerns had church memberships and that was the key to being accepted in the colony. The church controlled the laws and were the most acknowledged in the colony. The Southerns instead of church members being the boss , land owners were the dominant party. These land owners were the wealthiest and had control over the laws. Economic in the Northern were more industy, fishing and mining. They were against slavery. The Southern Colonies economic were more agriculture. They were for slavery. The similarities for both was the very poor was excluded from political life. They were both independent to themselves, each colony was a separate country. I still need to add to my similarities and differences so could you please help me? Thanks.

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    What about freedom of religion?

    Which religions were dominant in each group of colonies?

    What about the countries from which the settlers originated?

    Who started these colonies and for what reasons?

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