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I have to compare and contrast the fighting that took place on in the easter front (Russia) and the western front (US&GB) in europe during world war 2.. Please help! I need it like in two sentences for my study guide for exams.

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    Here are some sites that will help you with that.


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    on the eastern front wouldnt that be Japan? if so talk about island hopping and if not. germany and US fought a bunch of battles, try looking up battle of the bulge, D-Day, etc. if you reword this i can probably help you more, we just covered this in school and all my packets are in front of me right now.

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    I think Amy is referring to Germany and the war in Europe as the Eastern Front.

    A major difference is that Germany overextended itself by attacking Russia. It couldn't maintain its supply lines and hadn't counted on the extreme cold nor the fierceness of the Russians in defending their homeland.

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    Thank you to you all..

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