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1. I went to Children's Grand Park.
I rode a roller coaster.
I learned how to ride some play

2. I went to China with my family.
I visited the Great Wall.
I learned the history of the Great

3. I went to the English Summer Camp.
I met new friends and sang English
songs. I had fun.
I learned new English sones and

4.I went to the Gyeongbok Palace.
I visited the old palaces and beautiful places. I learned the lives of some kings during the Joseon Dynasty.

5. I went to Las Vegas.
I visited some malls and bought items.
I learned that the night was very beautiful and there are lots of gambling machines in the city.

(Would you check the sentences? I'd like to use correct English expressions. Thank you.)

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    The sentences would be smoother if you connected them more. Examples:

    1. I went to Children's Grand Park where I rode a roller coaster and learned how to ride the bumper cars.

    3. I went to English Summer Camp where
    I met new friends and learned to sing songs in English. I had fun when I learned new songs and games.

    Give the others a try and let us know what you come up with.

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    Thank you. Later, I will post more expressions. Have a good time. I appreciate your help.

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    You're very welcome. You're doing well, and improving all the time!!


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