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I took this test and these were the only ones i got wrong, but i want to get the correct answers to study for my final.

15. Where can you place the objeto directo when you have a compound
verb structure with a participio, such as the present perfect

Re-write the following sentences replacing the underlined direct object with a direct
object pronoun. Remember, the direct object pronoun needs to be placed directly in
front of the conjugated verb.
18. Sara llama a Pedro. (Sara calls Pedro.)

  • SPanish!!! -

    18. Sara la llama a Pedro.

    the D.O.P compliments the subject(Sara)
    these are the direct object pronouns:
    me me
    te you(informal)
    lo/la he/she
    nos we(us)
    os you all(informal)
    los/las them/you all(formal)

  • SPanish!!! -

    okay thanks. so i can choose anyone??
    and how would I write it?

  • SPanish!!! -

    No, you can not choose any one! You need to replace "a Pedro" which is masculine singular. Instead of saying Sara calls Pedro, you are saying "Sara calls HIM." Sara lo llama a Pedro.

    Perhaps Chris should have given you the English:
    me = me (English)
    te = you, informal and singular
    lo = him or it
    la = her or it
    nos = us
    os = you-all informal plural
    los = them (masculine only or masculine and feminine mixed), you-all (formal and plural)
    las = them (feminine only, plural), you-all (only females)

    Always place the Direct-Object Pronoun in front of the conjugated verb to play safe. The only time you will be wrong is with an affirmative command. For example: Sara, (comma for direct address, I am speaking to Sara), call Pedro = llámalo (familiar command) or llámelo (formal command)

    With gerunds (ending in -ndo) and infinitives you have a CHOICE of position: either in front of the conjugated verb (to play safe) or the option of adding it TO the gerund (with an accent mark) or to the infinitive. Examples: Sara lo está llamando OR Sara está llamándolo. Sara lo va a llamar OR Sara va a llamarlo. Add one thing to an infinitive and there is no accent mark (unless it is on the infinitive anyway, such as oír ) but add anything to a gerund (ndo) and there is a written accent mark.

    Feel free to ask any other question, if this is not clear to you.


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