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where are these "200 experts" standing by, ready to help us? I haven't gotten any help on my question, and I need it!!!

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    The statement says that "over 200 experts volunteer their time." That doesn't mean that all 200 are "standing by." If you look back over the past few weeks, you'll probably find 200 volunteers who have answered questions.

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    Your question was answered by Anonymous less than an hour after your first posting. Have patience.

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    Several reasons why your question might not be answered:
    1. you didn't wait long enough for a volunteer to do it
    2. the volunteer who reads it, might not be an expert in your field
    3. someone might accidently skim over it!
    Chances are it's either #1 or #2!

    Sra (aka Mme) = I do NOT do math!

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