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Historians have often labeled the period after World War II the “Age of Containment” or a period of “The Great Fear.” Why do you think the end of the war ushered in such a fearful age? What were some of the internal and external factors?

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    How did calls to “contain” communism (containment) spill into many realms of life, including debates over the “proper” role for government, labor unions, gender, ethnic and racial groups?

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    I'm sure your textbook explans these concepts.

    Consider that the countries involved in WWII were tired of war and feared the atomic bomb that the U.S. had used on Japan. The U.S.S.R. and the U.S. faced off in many verbal battles. We feared that if Communism spread, that we might be taken over. This caused widespread suspicions of anyone who might possibly be sympathetic to Communism. Check this article.

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