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Can someone please proofread my very short story for French? It must include 10 verbs.

Petit lapin (wasn’t) heureux avec quoi il semblait (like). Il a voulu etre ressemble otro animaux. Quand il a vu Mr. Bushy Tail, l’écureuil, il a voulu un queue ressemble les écureuils. Ensuite il a vu Mr. Porcupine et il a voulu (bristles). Ensuite il est passé Mrs. Puddle-Duck et il a voulu (red rubbers) ressemble lui. Sage Mr. Groundhog a envoyé lui à souhait l’arbre. Il a vu un petit oiseau rouge et (wished) pour ailes rouge pendant qu’il a tourné (around) trios fois. Il (grew) ailes rouge. Sa mere, Mr. Bushy Tail, et Mrs. Puddle-duck ne reconnaissent pas lui et (wouldn’t) laisser lui dans. Sage Mr. Groundhog laisser lui couche avec lui, mais lapin (was) triste. Le prochaine jour il est retourné à le souhait l’arbre (again) et (wished off) son ailes. Il est allé maison et sa mère a reconnu lui et il (was) heureux et jamais (wished to be somebody) otro que lui-meme.
I don't know whether or not you will understand all of what I wrote. So here's an English translation:

Little rabbit wasn’t happy with what he looked like. He wanted to be like other animals. When he saw Mr. Bushy Tail, the squirrel, he wanted a tail like squirrels. Next he saw Mr. Porcupine and wanted bristles. Next he passed Mrs. Puddle-Duck and wanted red rubbers like her. Wise Mr. Groundhog sent him to the wishing tree. He saw a small red bird and wished for red wings as he turned around 3 times. He grew red wings. His mother, Mr. Bushy Tail, and Mrs. Puddle-Duck didn’t recognize him and wouldn’t let him in. Wise Mr. Groundhog let him sleep with him but rabbit was sad. The next day he went back to the wishing tree again and wished his wings off. He went home and his mother recognized him and he was happy and never wished to be somebody other than himself.
Please correct any errors I may have. And do I have 10 verbs? Also, I need the words in brackets translated into French.

Merci Beaucoup!!!

  • French -

    Very cute story with a moral as well!

    n'était pas...what he looked like can not be literally translated = comment il paraît (or comment il était.)

    Hmmm, do I see Spanish here (otro)? Il a voulu etre ressemble otro = Il a voulu ressembler les autres animaux.

    il a voulu un queue ressemble les = il a voulu une queue qui ressemblait, etc.

    (bristles) = les piquants (quills)

    (red rubbers) ressemble lui. = it would have to be to resemble HER as it is Mrs. P.D. = des caoutchoucs rouges comme elle.

    a envoyé lui à souhait l’arbre. Il = l'a envoyé à l'arbre aux souhaits

    (wished) pour ailes rouge = a voulu des ailes rouges

    trios fois. = trois fois / turned around = il s'est retourné or tourné

    Il (grew) ailes rouge. = Il a laissé pousser des ailes rouges

    Sa mere, = Sa mère / ne reconnaissent pas lui = ne le reconnaissent pas

    (wouldn’t) laisser lui dans. = ils ne le laissaient pas entrer.

    laisser lui couche = l'a laissé coucher

    (was) triste = était (Imperfect of être)

    à le souhait l’arbre (again) et (wished off) son ailes. = encore à l'arbre aux souhaits et l a voulu ne pas avoir les ailes.

    Il est allé maison = Il est allé chez lui (OR à la maison)...

    a reconnu lui = l'a reconnu
    was = était...a voulu être quelqu'un d'autre sauf lui-même.

    Some pitfalls to be "en garde" for: careless spelling errors (mère, trois), gender (une queue), specific vocabulary (bristles vs. quills),placement of direct-object (vs. indirect object), adjectives MUST have same number and gender as the noun(s) modified = ailes rouges, and word order must be FRENCH, not ENGLISH!

    Do you have a good dictionary yet? That will help you with spelling, gender, specific vocabulary, etc.

    Sra (aka Mme)

    If you have time, you might like to repost with all the corrections because sliding my eyes up and down between the French and the English, they will not focus!

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