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What development helped women take their first steps toward public life?
a. rise of labor unions
b. laws giving women pay equal with that of men
c. rise of national women's groups
d. men's increased interest in women's rights


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    Why are all your "answers" followed by question marks? Why are you not sure of your answers? Are you just guessing?

    Go back and read your text or use http://www.google.com. If you need to learn how to conduct searches, go here -- http://hanlib.sou.edu/searchtools/

    You cannot be so dependent on other people that you post every single question online and wait for answers.

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    i only post if i don't know the answer, or if i need it double checked. that's why i put the question mark.

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    I agree with Writeacher.

    Home schooling should be about getting a good education independently with the guidance of your parents. Apparently you and MC are depending upon Jiskha volunteers to act in loco parentis.

    If you don't know an answer and can't find it in your book, Google it. That's also a good way to double check your answers.

    Remember, your goal should be to excel at being an independent learner -- or you'd be taking classes in a regular school.

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    only people who homeschool know how much harder it is than regular school. this is kind of like our only source of getting help. the teacher barely ever reply when you contact them. and google isn't always helpful. Our parents took us out of homeschooling because they didn't like the bad environment at public schools. We do some subjects by ourself, but it's very hard to work independently on something you haven't ever learned before, or when you don't have a person teaching you.

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    but if you guys mind us asking so many questions, then i guess we'll stop

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    We don't mind anyone asking questions. What seems terribly off to us is that you seem so insecure about your answers that you post so many for "double-check."

    It would also help if you posted why you chose that particular answer instead of just posting an answer with a question mark following it.

    Basically, we believe you should be reading and comprehending and THINKING on your own -- or learning to do so. But I haven't seen any increase in the level of complexity of your thinking -- not for months and months.

    Do YOU think you're getting a good education out of all this?

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    honestly, we both just want to finish our schooling, we don't really want to do anything afterwards, especially nothing that will require knowing all these subjects. homeshcooling is just something we're doing, becaue we have to. i don't see how it will help us, since we don't even plan on using any of this stuff in our lives.
    i know the answer i will get is that 'math and etc is used in everyday life' but actually it is not. so , yeah that's all. but we'll try to improve our answers, and questions

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    I know studying independently is hard work. (I never finished a correspondence course in creative writing that I took many years ago.)

    We want to help you, and that's why we want you to develop independent study habits. Please continue posting -- but only after you've made every effort to find the answer yourself.

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    good night jiskha volunteer experts!

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    ok, i understand what you're saying Ms.Sue, we will try our best

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    What do you plan to do with your lives after you've finished home schooling?

  • to y912f -

    Please don't think life stops at age 18 (or whenever homeschooling is over). It doesn't. The more you learn the more you will use it after graduation. I KNOW. A general education is useful no matter what you do later in life.

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    i know an education is important, but i don't think i'll need to know u.s. history, or trigonometry in the future. i plan on doing something in the cooking field as a career, and most people i know who do that didn't really get good grades on their trigonometry classes.

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    I know homeschooling is not your choice, but your parents. It appears that your parents did not also accept the responsibility that goes with it, like teaching you to learn at the comprehension level. Do your best with what you have. Yes, we will help you. But remember that we are educational professional that are sad to see kids who are even missing the basic tenents of education because of lack of depth in their schooling. Your question on the rise of women's rights was especially revealing in this regard.
    Remember this when you have your own children, by then, you will realize what you missed.
    Here is what I suggest. Get through with HSchooling as quickly as you can, take the hardest math and English courses you can. Then, get a job on your own, and enroll in a local community college. I hate to give advice like this, because it is the most difficult path to getting educated. Do not enroll in "online" colleges, they are all ripoffs and frauds.
    God Bless you, and as DrBob said, think ahead as best you can.
    We do love you.

    God bless you.

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    thanks a lot bobpursley that was so helpful. i will try to do as you say. thank you!! :D

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    Good Explaining

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