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I'm choosing which classes I want to take for freshman year but I'm not sure what I need to take. Right now I've only decided on Geometry and English 1. What science do I take for 9th grade? I'm looking for the easiest courses available.

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    looking for the "easiest courses available" ??

    I am not impressed.

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    General science is traditional. I also suggest a world history or world geography class. How about a foreign language?

    Why take the easiest courses?

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    ok, thanks, i'll think about those things

    (i want to take the easiest so i can get my homeschooling over with quickly)

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    I'm sorry.

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    For what?

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    You will also want to take a beginning foreign language class. Many 9th graders also find a "humanities" class useful. That is a general study of the “high” arts - drama, classical music, ballet, painting, sculpture, photography, poetry and literature

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    Challenge yourself!

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    hey MC why you want to take easy classes? Take classes that challenge you to do well, and you'll do better in the rest of your high school years, make collage a little easier, and make a better life for your self in the working world.

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    Why are atomss considered neutral

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    X IF LCM(X,40)

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    Upperbasic school

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