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we're doing vocab and there's some i don't understand

-intrepid is to daunt as
a. diligent is to tantalize
b. incredulous is to hoodwink
c. incorrigible is to surmount
d. obstreperous is to rejuvenate

i think this one is a. but im not sure

-languid is to vigor as
a. bleak is to timeliness
b. sparse is to direction
c. stagnant is to motion
d. brazen is to intention

-words are to garble as
a. dreams are to succumb
b. hopes are to aspire
c. thoughts are to muddle
d. emotions are to forestall

and I think this one is c. but again, not sure

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    Have you checked the definitions of all of these words?

    Intrepid and daunt are opposites. The words in (a) are not opposites. Please try again.

    The others are also opposites.

    You're right about the last one. The answer is (c).

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