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To start a day care center, what are the basic materials and supplies that you will need? i.e, desks, chairs, tv, kitchen area (fridge, stove), books. what are some other things that you would need.
what are some activities that kids 3-4 age do at a daycare.
Please give me some good information, or some HELPFUL sites.

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    Toys, cots for naps are other things needed at a day care.

    I urge you to visit three or four day care establishments to see what these kids do.

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    that is a very good idea. thanks

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    You're welcome. Enjoy your visits! :-)

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    i will definitely visit a daycare, but do you also know any helpful sites where i can find out activites done at a daycare, or how to teach the little kids basic stuff like alphabets, days of the week, and so on?
    thanks Ms.Sue
    (the kids will be age 3-5, so i don't think cots would be necessary, maybe just a room where they can listen to stories, and sleep with sleeping bags or something... we kind of have a small budget :) )

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