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An amusement park purchased equipment from a manufacturer for a list price of
$42,000, minus trade discounts of 30/20/15. Calculate the amount of the trade discount
on the purchase.
A. $19,992 C. $23,520
B. $22,008 D. $29,400

could someone help me understand how to solve this problem

  • math -

    after the first discount of 30% you will have 70% left to pay, or 42000(.7)

    then after another discount of 20% you will have to pay 80% or the above or

    and finally after another 15% you have to pay 85% of the above or
    42000(.7)(.8)(.85) = 19992

  • another look , math -

    I just read the question again.
    the answer I left you with would be the final cost, but it asked for the discount
    so the discount would be
    42000 - 19992 = 22008 or (B)

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