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Ok, it says that I need to find a news report about a non-violent property crime or fraud. And create a table with what? who? When? Where? How?( details of how the crime was done) How?(results to victim)How?(Public reaction, if any) and How?(results in society if any). And second part is put yourself in the place of the judge who is determining how you ought to deal with the perpetrator, assuming that they have been properly convicted of the crime you made up in Part a. What things you should consider in deciding how to sentence the offenders? 1) The total amount of damage to the victim-how much sufferings, how much loss? 2) The state of mind of the criminal at the time of the crime? 3) The degree to which the victim may be blamed for the crime? 4) The amount of compensation(financial or otherwise) offered by the criminal to the victim? 5)The amount of publicity surrounding the trail? 6) The state of mind of the criminal at the time of the trail? Can anyone please help...really appreciate it :)

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