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this is the first part -- there are still the 12 sentences. I am not sure what I am suppose to do on this.

instruction: como eran estas personas o cosas?

example - Mi primer/a maestro/a.
Mi primero maestra se llamaba Anne, era muy simpatica y nos contaba cuentos...

1. Un juguete que tenia de pequeno/a.

2. Un/a amigo/a de la infancia.

3. Una prenda de vestir que gustaba mucho de puqueno.

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    Don't forget to always check GENDER, that all adjectives are feminine if the noun is feminine = Mi primero maestra = Mi primera maestra.....simpática (accent)

    For 1., 2, 3. (pequeño) = you just describe one of those.


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    I do not understand what the questions is for number 1

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    1. A toy you had when you were small.

    Did you look it up in the Dictionary?


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    P.S. to play = jugar
    a toy = juguete


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    1. Un juguete que tenia de pequeno bambino osito esta color negro comprar el burberry la tienda.

    2. Una amiga de la infencia es Sara tu hermana, era es muy simpatica y much especialmente persona.

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    Una prenda de vestir que me gustaba mucho de pequeno es mi abuelos grande sombrero.

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    1. Un juguete que tenía de pequeño era un osito negro que compré en una tienda. I have no idea why "bambino" "esta" "el burberry" are doing there? Remember to always SIMPLIFY so you don't get into trouble. I wrote: A goy that I had when I was small was a little black bear that I bought in a shop.

    2. Una amiga de la infancia era Sara (whose sister? YOUR sister?) y era muy simpática. Wow! If you don't provide the English, I have no idea what you are trying to say. What I wrote is "A friend from childhood is Sara, who was very nice.)

    3. Una prenda de vestir que me gustaba mucho de pequeño era el sombrero grande de mi abuelo. (the word order is way off.) (An article of clothing that I liked a lot when I was small was the large hat of my grandfather.)


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