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Type the word that has been incorrectly capitalized or needs to be capitalized:

1.Pardon me, Captain, but have you had some of the russian caviar?
Ans- Russian

2.The blue waters of San Francisco bay signaled our entry into California.
Ans- Bay

3.Cross the Bill Benson Bridge and turn left on Rockingham drive.
Ans- drive

4.What special significance did the North Star have for slaves heading to the north?
Ans- North

5.Abe asked Aunt Mary and me, "Would you like to spend passover with us?"
Ans- aunt


  • Grammar -

    They're all right except for 5.

    Passover is a Jewish holiday and needs to be capitalized.
    Aunt is part of Aunt Mary's name so it also needs to be capitalized.

  • Grammar -

    OK so the answer would be Passover.

  • Grammar -

    You're welcome.

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