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Are these correctly answered?-
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence:

1.Painting the door in the storage area were Lizzie and ______

2.Each of the boys had prepared _____ remarks well.

3.Carefully balanced on the arm of the chair _______ a stack of books.

4.Either two chairs or a small sofa ____ in this space.

5.Just then, a flock of ducks ______ right in the swimming pool!

6._____ $30 a lot to pay for a pair of socks?


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    1, 2, and 6 are correct.

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    I respectfully disagree; I believe # 6 is also wrong. Thirty dollars, in my opinion, is considered singular. If we turn the question around and make it a statement, we get "Thirty dollars is a lot to pay for a pair of socks."

    When I taught grammar, I taught the students to put parentheses around all prepositional phrases. That helps you find the verb, subject, and objects in a sentence.

    For instance, # 3 --

    Carefully balanced (on the arm) (of the chair) _______ a stack (of books).

    This leaves Carefully balanced ____ a stack.
    What is the subject of this verb? What should the verb be?

    If you need help with prepositions and prepositional phrases, study these sites.

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    Oh, you're right. 6 should be singular.

    (too fast reading, again!)

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