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I have two dice. I will roll the dice and according to the numbers on the faces of the dice, you should solve each problem in the space. (After rolling the dice). I got 1 and 7. Who is # 17? Stand up and solve the first problem in the first space on the dice board.... Good job. Be seated. Now, I will throw the dice again. I got 3 and 5. As there is no such a number, #5 should stand up in this case. #5, will you solve the problem. Correct the wrong part. I hug my mom yesterday. Correct the wrong part. ...OK. 'Hug' should be changed into 'hugged,' for in this sentence the past tense should be used because of 'yesterday.' Excellent. Take your seat. Well done, class. Let's move on to the next page. Wiil you turn the page?

(Would you check the passage above? It is a kind of dice game. I appreciate your help.)

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    Sounds perfect!

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    The single quote mark (') should be used within double quotes ("). If you do not use quote marks (") for the whole paragraph, the quotes within the paragraph should be double.

    When you got 3 and 5, what criterion are you using to choose the #5 rather than the #3?

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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