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Use SER and ESTAR in the following sentences. Remember to conjugate the verbs first. (20 points)

a. Mi abrigo es de piel.
b. ¿Dónde esta los discos de música clásica?
c. El concierto ___________ a las 8:30 p.m.
d. Madrid ___________ el centro de Espana.
e. Hoy los niños __________ muy inquietos.

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    b. ¿Dónde está el disco (singular).....
    OR ¿Dónde están los discos... (plural)

    Just a minute! I do not see YOUR choices?

    To express a quality or characteristic of the subject.
    To describe or identify the subject.
    To express time and dates, and with impersonal expressions.
    To express an action when used with the past participle.

    To express location, position, or situation of the subject.
    To indicate a state or condition of the subject.
    To form the progressive tenses (with the gerund or 'ndo.)
    To express the result of an action.


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