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I'm still really confused with this one; I posted it up a couple of days ago but never got the answer

Is this a dangling modifier?

To the victor goes the privelage of writing history.


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    I see no dangling modifier here. (Correct the spelling of "privilege," though!)

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    Here's a webpage on dangling modifiers and how to correct them:

    I just don't see anything like this in that sentence.

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    This is one other I was curious about:

    To the pier raced the eager young anglers, annoying quiet vetarans.

    I don't this this is it?


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    Did the anglers annoy the veterans? If so, then it's fine. If not, then rephrase.

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    What? So it's not one? I can't rephrase, that's how theyve given it to me.

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    Then it's not.

    The only thing I see that is common to both of those sentences is that they start with a prepositional phrase (to ... ) instead of the subject. I think they are awkwardly written sentences, but I don't see modifier misplacement here.

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