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Write four sentances with a different form of lie, then write four sentances with a different form of lay.

1.a) I would never lie to my friends.
b)THe baby is lying in her crib.
c)I have lain to my parents.
d) (lay)

2.a) I like to lay on the ground and stare at the clouds.
b) (laying)
c) (have laid)
d) (laid)

can u please help me fill in the blank places with sentances?? thank u:)

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    1 a. and b. are correct, although I think your teacher wants you to use lie to mean recline. Example: I like to lie on the couch and watch TV.

    I suggest you study your text or this site to help you understand lie and lay.

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    thanks so much that website really helped :)

    but i couldn't think of an answer for 1d, 2c, or 2d. could u help?? :) thankss

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    1.d. Yesterday I lay in the sun so long I got a bad sunburn.

    2.c. I have always laid my keys on the mantle.

    2.d. Yesterday I laid the papers I need on the dining room table.

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    thank u soo much ms sue u rock :-)

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