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"¿Dónde guardas tus camisas limpias?" "_____."
a. las pongo en el cesto de la ropa sucia
b. las cuelgo en el guardarropa
c. las escojo de un catálogo
d. las encuentro por todas partes

i think it's A. but i don't know what all the answer choices mean. please tell me

  1. GuruBlue

    Did you do as Sra told you yesterday? She gave you 4 steps to use to answer questions.
    Did you translate them into English?

  2. SraJMcGin

    Where do y ou keep your clean shirts?
    a. I put them in the dirty-clothes basket
    b. I hang them in the wardrobe
    c. I select them from a catalog(ue)
    d. I find them everywhere

    cuelgo is a stem-changing verb, o--->ue, and the infinitive is colgar (to hang) Even if you didn't find that in the dictionary, you should have been able to find what the question asks and what a. means.


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