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Can any one let me know if I matched these up together correctly, and if not what ones should I redo? Thank you in advance.

Models of Abnormality

Psychologists use several different models to explain abnormal behavior. These different models have created shifts in values and beliefs as well as improvements in clinical research. These differences in ideas mean that the different models are sometimes in conflict with one another. People who follow one model often point out where another model fails in its interpretations, investigations, and treatment methods.

Read the brief profile of Willard and follow the directions to complete the chart:

Willard is an angry man. He often gets his way by bullying and berating others.

The following is a list of proposed causes for Willard's behavior. Each cause was presented by a psychologist with a different theoretical perspective. Match the psychologist to the cause he or she is likely to present and to the treatment he or she is most likely to recommend.

Psychologists: Dr. Smith, Biologist
Dr. Mullen, Psychoanalyst
Dr. James, Behaviorist
Dr. Allen, Cognitivist
Dr. Bates, Humanist
Dr. Frank, Socioculturist

Treatments: Medication
Community treatment
Client-centered therapy
Challenging dysfunctional thoughts
Operant conditioning
Free association and catharsis

Proposed Cause Psychologist Treatment

Willard has been rewarded for his bullying behavior. Dr. James, Behaviorist Operant conditioning
Willard is genetically predisposed to bullying others. Dr. Smith, Biologist Medication
Willard's toilet training was harsh. Dr. Mullen, Psychoanalyst Free association and catharsis
Willard is influenced by the commonly held view
that men must be aggressive in order to succeed. Dr. Frank, Socioculturist Community treatment
Willard assumes that if he does not assert himself
first, he will appear to be a failure to others. Dr. Allen, Cognitivist Challenging dysfunctional thoughts
Willard has a low sense of self-worth, probably
stemming from conditional love in childhood. Dr. Bates, Humanist Client-centered therapy

  • Psychology/270 -

    Abnormal behavior is explained in terms of causing subjective discomfort for the person, being statistically deviant and/or social non-conformity. These are not merely transient, but are rather consistent over a long time (usually a minimum of 6 months).

    The last two reasons are relative to the culture in which the person lives. What would be considered abnormal in one culture might not be considered abnormal in another. However, if a person's behavior was unpredictable, all cultures would consider that abnormal.

    However, the various theories of mental disorders go far beyond this. I'll let you choose your theorist and his/her potential responses.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  • Psychology/270 -

    I really don't have a answer..... my question is where do you find this profile to read and answer questions..... been trying to find this profile
    please help

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