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A portion of an electric circuit connected to a 7 ohm resistor is embedded in 1.20 kg of a solid substance in a calorimeter. The external portion of the circuit is connected to a 100 volt power supply.

(a) Assuming that all the heat generated by the resistor is absorbed by the solid substance, and that it takes 4 minutes to raise the temperature from -10 to 50 degrees C, calculate the specific heat for the substance.

(b) At 50 degrees C, the substance begins to melt. The heat of fusion is 4.5 x 10^5 joules per kilogram. How long after the temperature reaches 50 degrees C will it take for all of the substance to melt?

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    (a) Calculate the rate of heat transfer to the substance using
    P = V^2/R. Multiply by 240 seonds for the number of Joules.
    That energy divided by the mass and 60 C is the specific heat

    (b) time required =
    (Mass)(Heat of fusion)/(Power)

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