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Kiesha discovered a mistake in her cross-stitch project after she had completed a row. To remove the mistake, she had to pull out 72 stitches.She then sewed 39 stitchesbefore having to change to a new thread color. If the starting point is zero,at what point is she in the row now.

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    Since we don't know how many stitches she had as a total, we can only consider the 72 stitches she lost. If we subtract 39 from the 72 stitches, we see, in order to get as far along as she was when she discovered her mistake, she'll have to do 33 more stitches.

    When you say the starting point is zero, does that mean she had done 72 stitches total?


  • 4rth Grade MATH -

    That was the question I had. I have no other information but that question.

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