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Need this checked-

1.Identify the sentence that contains a dangling modifier.
A.To the victor goes the privelage of writing history.
B.To assemble the model successfully,the directions must be read carefully.
C.It is better to hand in a neat erasure than an overlooked mistake.
D.To the pier raced the eager young anglers,annoying quiet veterans.
I have no idea about this one... help!

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    The rule for modifiers is "put it as close as you can to the word it modifies" Look at this sentence. "Hanging on the fence, I saw the overalls." Hanging on the fence is an adjective phrase ( participal) What is hanging on the fence? I HOPE it isn't "I" . <G> What is that phrase modifying? That is the word that the phrase should be closest to.

    Look at each of those sentences and find the modifying phrase. Then ask yourself, what is that phrase describing. If it is as close as possible to that word, then it is not dangling. ALSO... usually when you read a sentence with a dangling phrase, your mind will say "Huh?" After you do this, let me know what you think.

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  • Grammar -

    Modifiers in mice and men by john steinbeck underline the single word modifiers

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