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Your family wants your help to do an inventory of the many appliances that have accumulated over the years. Include the following years. include the information:
-the various appliances that you find in your house (at least 5)
-where each one is located
-which appliances need repair or replacement

There are many electrical appliances in my house. There are light bulbs in every room. But they need to be repaired because they don't turn on. There is an oven and a dishwhasher in the back of the kithchen. There is a fan in my bedroom, but i don't turn it on much because i like to save electricity. In the laundry room there is a washing machine that needs to be replaced because it doesn't work.

this is what i did so far:

Allí hay muchos eléctrico el aparato en mi casa. Allí hay una el bombillo en todo el dormitorio. Pero necesitar reparar porque encender.

please make corrections
thanks a lot

  • spanish -

    Back to Basics!
    1. Look up the nouns for the correct gender (masculine/feminine)
    2. Make sure EVERY adjective modifying a noun or nouns agrees in number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine)
    3. Be sure each sentence has a conjugated verb and that that agrees with the subject.
    4. Check the usual word order for statements and questions.
    a. statements = subject + verb + information
    b. questions = Interrogative word (if there is one) + verb + subject + information.

    Allí hay muchos aparatos eléctricos en mi casa. Hay un bombillo en cada cuarto. Pero hay que repararlos porque no funcionan (OR encienden.)

    That's as far as you went with the Spanish. Now, see what else you can do.


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