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The Mayan calendar was not as exact as the European calendar in the year A.D. 200.



    i think the answer is true
    i found this piece in my book, i think it could be the answer, but it's really hard for me to translate this:

    Cuando el imperio romano estaba perdiendo su influencia en el año 200 d. C., en América Central crecía el imperio maya. Los mayas también tenían grandes ciudades. En el centro de Tikal, por ejemplo, había más de 300 edificios...


    "When the Roman Empire was losing its influence in the year 200 d. C. en Central America, the Mayan Empire was growing. The Mayans also had great cities. En the center of Ti kal, for example, there were more than 300 buildings....."

    Here's an interesting site about the Mayan calendar:


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