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What is the momentum of a proton travelling at v = 0.95c in the x-direction
in the reference frame?

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    Photons all travel at velocity c in a vacuum, in any reference frame. The momentum depends upon the frequency. This question has no answer.

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    will I be able to calculate the momentum if I know the mass of the proton?

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    Is the question assuming the proton is travelling relativistically or not?

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    p = gamma m v

    gamma = 1/sqrt[1-(v/c)^2]

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    The mass of a photon is zero; yet it has momentum. The momentum (as well as th energy) depends upon the frequency, which you have not provided.

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    Nat, use what Count Iblis provided.

    PS: drwls, the question asks about the momentum of a proton, not a photon.

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