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Chemistry #2

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Select any four of the physical properites listed in Table 1.1 on page 22 and use them to describe: gold, sugar, water.

I don't quite understand what this question is asking. Maybe you could give an example?

Here is the table of physical properties as mentioned.

State - solid, liquid, gas

Colour - colour

Malleability - Ability to be beaten into sheets

Ductility - Ability to be drawn into wires

Crystallinity - Shape or appearance of crystals

Magnetism - Tendency to be attraced to a magnet

Solubility - Ability to dissolve in water

Conductivity - Ability to conduct electricity or heat

Viscosity - Resistance to flow

Density - Ratio of a material's mass to its volume

Meltiing/freezing point - Temperature of melting/freezing

Boiling/condensing point - Temperature of boiling/condensing


  • Chemistry #2 -

    I'm not positive what the question is asking either, but here goes.
    Choose sugar.
    State: sugar is a solid.
    color: white
    solubility in water: yes.
    ductility: not ductile
    malleability: not malleable.
    magnetism: not magnetic
    but you only require four of them.

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