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Can someones please check my work?

1. Why does a liquid take the shape of whatever container it is in but does not expand to fill the container completely?

A: It takes the shape of its contaienr because its particles can slip past each other. but it has fixed volume and does not diffuse like gas so it doesn't completely fill the container.

2. Describe the connection between kinetic energy and the movement of particles in a substane.

A: The more kinetic energy particles have, the faster they move. They get more excited.

3. Which physical propery is the ratio of the mass of a substance divided by its volume?

A: Density.

4. Mercury is a metal with a melting point of -39C and a boiling point of 357C. What is its state at:0C, 500C, -1C

A: 0C = solid, 500C = gas, -1C = solid

5. the melting point of silver metal is 962C, and its boiling point is 2162C. Describe how the particles appear in silver at 900C and at 3000C.

A: 900C = there are some space between particles. 3000C = there is a lot of space between particles.

Are they correct? If not, please correct me.

Thank you very much!

  • Science (URGENT) -

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