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11.Which of the following pairs of ideas could be combined into a compound sentence? (Remember that only related ideas should be joined into a compound sentence.)

A. The days became longer. The children could play outside later.
B. The street lights were dim. The play was a success.
C. The weather had changed. The house seemed deserted.
D. We watched the news on television. The girls walked quickly to school.
is it a or c
not sure
12. In which sentence is the punctuation correct?

A. Marge "said The train is just leaving."
B. Marge said The train is just leaving
C. Marge said "The train is just leaving".
D. Marge said, "The train is just leaving."
is it d
13. In which of the following sentences is a semicolon used correctly?

A. Joe watered the garden and; the plants did not grow.
B. Joe watered the garden; however, the plants did not grow.
C. Joe watered the garden but the plants; did not grow.
D. Joe watered; the garden yet the plants did not grow
is it B

14. Which sentence contains italicized words that are used as an infinitive phrase?

A. Kelly went to the grocery store.
B. Tom went there for some flour.
C. Jane parked her car behind a truck.
D. Mark wanted to go, but not today.
is it d
15. Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

A. The sea calmed but no boats left shore.
B. The sea calmed, but no boats left shore.
C. The sea calmed; but no boats, left shore.
D. The sea, calmed, but no boats, left shore
is it b

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    11 should be A.

    All the others are correct.

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