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6. In which sentence are the italicized words a dangling modifier? (A dangling modifier is a phrase that doesn't modify the noun that's near it.)

A. Arriving ten minutes late, the store was closed for the night.
B. Flying beneath the cloud, the pilot could see the airport
C. Resting on the sea bottom, the old trunk held many coins.
D. Not knowing the danger, the soldiers marched into the trap.
is it A
7. Which sentence uses the passive voice?

A. The rain continued until dawn.
B. John searched for a job.
C. The tree was planted by Mary.
D. Lies destroy friendship.
is it C
8. In which sentence are the italicized words a dependent clause? (A dependent clause can't stand as a sentence on its own.)

A. She went swimming, and her brother went boating.
B. The diving board broke when she jumped into the pool.
C. She wanted to leave early, or she wanted to stay overnight.
D. She became angry, but she would not leave without her brother.
is it B

9 One of the following sentences contains an independent clause and a dependent clause, which makes it a complex sentence. Which is the complex sentence?

A. After the rain ended, the sky became blue.
B. Jenny was the largest elephant in the circus.
C. I came home; I saw an envelope in the mailbox.
D. I hesitated a moment, but her smile gave me courage.
Is it A
10. Which of the following is a compound sentence?

A. Kim will take her daughter shopping when she learns to behave in public.
B. Sue gave Jim a new racket, and he left for the tennis courts.
C. Rain and heavy winds caused damage along the coast.
D. We found our way home without a map.
is it B

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    All are correct, yes.

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