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in 1996 there were about 2,342,000 marriages in the united states, using the # above my teacher wants me to find percentage of marriages per month she started me with january which had 100,000 mariages which came out to 4 percent of marriages for that month. i've been trying to figure this out but i cant can you help me?

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    How many marriages were in each of the other 11 months?

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    im supposed to round ot off to the whole percent

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    To find the percentages, divide the monthly number of marriages by the yearly total.

    155,000 / 2,342,000 = 0.066 = 7%

    147,000 / 2,342,000 = 0.062 = 6%

    I'm sure you can do the rest of the months now. :-)

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    [#marriages/2,342,000]*100 = %
    [100,000/2,342,000]*100 = 4.2%
    That rounds to 4%.
    Your sentences and questions are hard to read and understand because you used no (or very little) punctuation. That kind of structure is fine for texting friends but not when doing formal writing.

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    thank you ms sue wait let me capatalize Ms Sue before before the Dr gets mad

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    You're welcome, Destiny.

    DrBob isn't the only one who finds lack of punctuation and capitalization hard to read. Most of us are retired teachers or professors who volunteer to help students on the Jiskha Forum. Our eyes aren't used to text-message formats. Besides, when you're asking professionals for educational assistance, it's only appropriate that you use standard English.

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    understood thank you

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