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I have to draw the compound 3 methyl 1-hexene.

This is what I've got:


I know there should be some numbers attached to the CH's, but I dont' know where they should be and what they should be. What are the rules concerning numbers? How do you know where to put them? Thank you for your help!

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    First, you have drawn heptene since you have 7 carbons in a row.
    Hexene is a six carbon chain. Draw that and put the double bond at the first carbon. That's the 1.
    Begin numbering so that the longest chain has the double bond AND that the double bond is the smallest number. Then on carbon #2, replace the H with a CH3. That will be 2-methyl-1-hexene. You may want to count the bonds. Each C should have 4 bonds, each H should have 1 bond.

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