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What is the redshift of a galaxy which lies at a distance of 50 mpc, asssuming that the hubble constant is H_0 = 67 km s^-1 Mpc^-1?

assume that the speed of light is c=3.0x10^5 Km s^-1 please answer to an accuracy of 2 sig figs. Thankyou.

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    First get the speed of the galaxy away from the observer by multiplyiing distance by the Hubble constant. This will give you the velocity in km/s.

    V = 50 Mpc *(67 km/s)/Mpc = 3350 km/s

    The RELATIVE redshift is
    (deltaL)/L = V/c

    The absolute redshift, delta L, depends upon the wavelength you are observing.

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