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I need a jump start in setting up the equations etc when solving for vertex, line of symmetry and deciding maximum/minimum This is the problem I am starting with
f(x)= -2x^2+2x+8 We are looking for the vertex, line of symmetry and the max/minimum I cannot seem to get this started. Thank you

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    Rewrite f(x) by completing the square:

    f(x) = -2(x^2 - x + 1/4) + 8.5
    = -2 (x - 1/2)^2 + 8.5

    The vertex is where f(x) has its maximum value. This is where x = 1/2. At that x value, f(x) = 8.5

    There is no minimum value.

    The function is symmetrical about the x = 1/2 vertical line

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    ok it says 1-x=y and then a graph its equations

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