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A 100.0 mL sample of hard water is titrated with the EDTA solution from Part 2. The same amount of Mg2+ is added as previously, and the volume of EDTA required is 22.44 mL

What volume of EDTA is used in titrating the Ca2+ in the hard water?

How many moles of EDTA are there in that volume?

How many moles of Ca2+ are there in the 100.0 mL volume of water?

If the Ca2+ comes from CaCO3, how many moles of CaCO3 are there in one liter of the water?

How many grams of CaCO3 per liter?

If 1 ppm (part-per-million) CaCO3 = 1 mg per liter, what is the water hardness in ppm CaCO3?

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