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Sandy, has fewer than 16 crayons. If she puts them in equal rows of 5, none are left over. If she puts them in equal rows of 6, four are left over. How many crayons are there?

two rows of fives=10
one row of sixes=6
10-6=4 crayons left over.

I think the answer is 10 crayons.


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    two rows of 5=10 and 2 rows of 6= 12 16-12=4 so she had 4 left after rows of six so yes i agree she has 10 crayons :]

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    I think I'm right but not sure if the second part of your answer is right? But I think mine is.

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    oh yea i got confused because 2 rows = 10 and none left so rows of 6 with 4 left would be 1 row of 6 and 4 left so yea she has 10 crayons sorry i got confused! it is easy to get confused on the simplest of problems thanks 4 noticing !

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    Thanks, no problem.

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    yep :]

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