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Can the size of an object's displacement be greater than the distance the object travels?

Describe the motion represented by a horizontal line on a distance-time graph.

Explain whether, during a trip, a car's instantaneous speed can ever be greater than its average speed.

You are walking toward the back of a bus that is moving forward with a constant velocity. Describe your motion relative to the bus and relative to a point on the ground.

A car travels at an average speed of 30 m/s for .8 h. Find the total distance traveled in km.

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    For (1), consider this as a starter. A car travels due east for 30 miles, then turns due north and travels for another 40 miles. What is the distance? What is the displacement?

    I won't say which one, but the distance and displacement form a right triangle: one of them makes up the two "legs" and the other the hypotenuse.

    See how far that gets you.

    For (3), consider these values. The car starts off at 0 mph, accelerates up to 65 mph and travels that speed for an hour, then comes to a town and must slow down to 25 mph for 10 minutes, then it comes to a stop. Without doing math, you should be able to tell is the maximum speed traveled at any instance could be greater than the average speed for the trip.

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