Can you help me fix some words in the sentence..?

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The language in the poem is fresh and classy.

These words came to my mind as I wrote but I am not a fan of the words "fresh" and "classy"... what words could I replace these words with...

  • Can you help me fix some words in the sentence..? -

    instead of classy, maybe you could use 'timeless'

  • Can you help me fix some words in the sentence..? -

    Depending on how the words are used in the poem, some of these may be of use.

    Alternatives for classy:

    stylish, dashing, elegant, exclusive, fashionable, superior, swank, swanky

    Alternatives for fresh:

    new, crisp, current, different, gleaming, glistening, latest, modern, modernistic, natural, original, radical, raw, recent, sparkling,

    Tip: Just search through a thesaurus for synonyms of the words.

  • Can you help me fix some words in the sentence..? -

    When you are looking for a synonym, if a good dictionary doesn't have some, try a synonym dictionary and/or a thesaurus.


  • Can you help me fix some words in the sentence..? -



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