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9z-42z-72/3z^2+28z+32divided by 2z^2+10z-48/z^2-9z+18

Can someone help me? I know they're supposed to be flipped and factored, and I did that, but afterwards I can only get as far as:


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    Wait, I wrote it wrong. This is the correct way:

    (9z-42z-72)/(3z^2+28z+32)divided by(z^2-9z+18)/(2z^2+10z-48)

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    my factors were

    [(3z+4)(3z-18)]/[3z+4)(z+8)] x [(2z-6)(z+8)]/[(z-3)(z-6)]
    = 6 , z not equal to -4/3, -8, 3, or 6

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    I don't understand. If you do it that way, your z-3 doesn't cancel and then i don't know where to go from there.

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    notice at the top there was a 2z-6
    which is 2(z-3)
    there is also 3z-18 at the top which
    is 3(z-6)

    so the z-3 and the z-6 at the bottom cancel with the rest of the stuff leaving only the 3x2 at the top

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    Thank you for answering, but I'm so confused. Can someone else help, please?

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