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frankie has an avg of 57% and he has 2 test left worth 5% each and 1 assigment worth 1% and 2 assigment both 2% how much would he need to bring his avg to 80?

say that all the test are out of 60 marks

MS SUE WHAT DO U MEAN BY THIS?"It makes a huge difference whether the total marks (points) for the class is 600 or 6,000." the test are all out of 60 marks what else do u need?

  • math -

    As I understand your question, Frankie has earned an average of 57% of a certain number of points. With assignments and tests together, let's say that at this point there have been 600 points in this class. So -- 57% means that he has earned 342 points.

    I don't understand what you mean by saying that the combined tests and assignments he has left total 15%.

    15% of what?

    Please ask your teacher to clarify this problem.

  • ms.sue -

    this is supposed to be a real life sceneraio

    there are 2 test worth which are worth 5% each of his overall mark. Then there is 1 assigment worth 1% of his over all mark. Also he has 2 test worth 2% of his overall mark.

    Before all this overall mark is 57%. THis is due to all his assigment and test that he has done before.

    All future test are out of 60 marks

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