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This is my To kill a Mockingbird essay.
Please have a look and fix any mistakes
or awkward phrases ASAP Thank You

Written by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel set in a fictional town of Maycomb during the 1930s. In this novel, Lee uses two main characters, Jem and Scout, to deliver her views and beliefs on the world which she grew up in. Out of various themes she provides, the most important messages she gives to the readers is courage. She illustrates true courage as having the strength to challenge entrenched social conventions that are unjust.

Throughout the novel, the author supports her perspective by showing different characters standing up for the outcast. Atticus¡¯ courage to protect Tom Robinson despite the fact that he was black is a crucial factor in the novel. Atticus sure was scared when he faced the lynch mob, but he stood up for Tom alone. His act of courage was not because he had to protect him as a lawyer, but he knew it was the right thing to do. In addition, Heck Tate protecting Boo Radley is an act of courage towards the social minorities. He thought after what Boo did to save Jem and Scout, it would be ¡°¡¦a sin. It¡¯s a sin and I¡¯m not about to have it on my head. If it was any other man it¡¯d be different. But not this man¡¦¡± (Ch30, p304). Therefore, Atticus and Heck clearly demonstrates true courage, especially to victims of the social supremacy in Maycomb.

Secondly, Lee reminds the readers not to give up easily, although they know they are going to lose. The way Mrs. Dubose overcome her morphine addiction is undoubtedly a great act of courage. Although it would have been better if she kept using her drugs, she endured her pain just because she wanted to go to God ¡®clean¡¯. Her courage even impresses Atticus, which he acknowledges her as ¡°the bravest person he (I) ever met¡± (Ch11, p124). Moreover, Atticus again shows his courageous personality, when he defended Tom in the court case. Despite his effort to protect Tom by ¡°¡¦ using (used) every tool available to free him (Tom Robinson)¡¦ in the secret courts of men¡¯s hearts Atticus had no case¡± (Ch25, p266). However, he still astounds the black community and receives respect as he respected Tom and his society. Ultimately, Mrs. Dubose and Atticus successfully deliver the true meaning of courage, by not giving up what they think it is right to do.

Last but not least, the author demonstrates courage by showing characters overcoming their fear or physical abilities in order to protect someone important. Finches¡¯ mysterious neighbour Boo finally comes out of his house in order to save Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell. Although he hasn¡¯t come out of his house for a long time and he is weak as a child, he defeated his fear just to protect young Finches¡¯. Moreover, Scout also showed her brave individuality by attacking Francis. In spite of her disadvantage of being a girl, she fights Francis because he called Atticus a ¡®nigger-lover¡¯. Her love of Atticus also can be seen when she tells her uncle Jack, ¡°I swear before God if I¡¯ll sit there and let him say somethin¡¯ about Atticus¡± (Ch9, p95). Consequently, defeating one¡¯s fear or physical abilities is clear shown as another factor of true courage by Boo and Scout.

Courage is an important aspect for people to have as they live. To deliver the true meaning of courage, Harper Lee uses various scenarios with different characters. By doing so, she manages to acquaint three main messages, which are to stand up for the social outcast, not giving up on what they believe its right and overcoming your weakness to protect someone you love. Therefore, the author successfully demonstrates true courage as challenging what is wrong and fighting for what is right.

  • 10th grade Enlish -

    set in a fictional = set in the fictional

    messages she gives to the readers is = message (singular)

    Atticus¡¯= Atticus' (typo)

    he was black = is black

    Heck Tate protecting = Heck Tate's protecting (noun here)

    act of courage towards = toward?

    Can you edit out those strange marks?

    If it was any other = If it were...

    The line "with my head" is a direct quote? Then it needs quotation marks.

    Atticus and Heck clearly demonstrates = plural subject means verb should be demonstrate

    Mrs. Dubose overcome = either "overcame" (past tense) or continue with the present "overcomes"

    which he acknowledges = when he...

    Please check all these verbs in the past tense. (had, respected = and it is "by using" not used

    if I¡¯ll sit = if I sit?

    is clear shown = clearly (adverb)

    to stand up = standing up (the next 2 nouns are gerunds, so for a parallel construction, I'd change the first on e)

    Scanning up and down is hard on my eyes but the ones above cover most of the errors.


  • 10th grade Enlish -

    summarize a certain paragraph and outline it

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