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we go on at 730 - i am using this time to do homework performances tonight sat night and sunday and 3 tests on monday - can you please review on especially 6 does tarea have a comma after it and is ir suppose to ire?

1. Que vas a hacer este verano?

Si My answer= puede viajare ( accent )

2. Que vas a regalarle a tu mejor amigo por su compleanos?

Si My answer = tengo dinero le regalare (accent)

3. No estas muy contendo con tu trabajo, no?

Si My answer = mi paron ( accent) esta??? contento estarse ( accent) contento tambien (accent)

4. Que Haras si no encuentras trabajo?

Si My answer = no encuentro trajaja no tendre (accent) diner

5. Que vas a cenar esta noche?

Si My answer = mi madre me dice sabre (accent)

6. Vas a salir este fin de semana

Si my answer = no tengo mucha tarea, ir??? al cine con mis amigos.

  • SraJMcGin spanish HELP -

    #1. If you have difficulty in answering questions with the right verb, try the following: 1. look at the question and translate it into English. 2. Answer that question in English first. 3. Now try to answer in Spanish and you will see where you are wrong.

    Where are YOU going to do? If I can, I will travel. NOT If He/she/you (Formal) are able....etc.

    #2. Don't forget to mention what you WILL buy...

    #3. (that word is contento) Si mi patrón (check that spelling for "boss") está contento, yo estaré contento(a) también.

    #4. I see some French there! (diner) Check spelling of the noun "trabajo" = Si no encuentro trabajo, no tendré dinero (check spelling of "money")

    #5. Tiny bit better to say "Si mi madre me lo dice (if she tells IT to me), sabré.

    #6. Accent on iré! The comma is nice because that means you can breathe there!


  • SraJMcGin spanish HELP -

    is number 3 contento or contenta

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