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The Sorry State Lottery requires you to select 7 different numbers from 0 through 55. (Order is not important.) You are a Big Winner if the 7 numbers you select agree with those in the drawing, and you are a Small-Fry Winner if 6 of your 7 numbers agree with those in the drawing. (Round all answers to three significant figures. Enter the answers in scientific notation.)

What is the probability of being a Big Winner?

What is the probability of being a Small-Fry Winner?

What is the probability that you are either a Big Winner or a Small-Fry winner?


    The probability of picking the first number correctly is 1/56, since zero is included. Since the numbers are not replaced, the probability of the second is 1/55, the third, 1/54 and so on.

    The probability of all events occurring is obtained by multiplying the individual probabilities.

    The probability of either one event or another occurring is found by adding the probability of the individual events.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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