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please help with either or both

1. a charge of 10C is passing in 2 second through a cross sectional area of a conductor. calculate the intensity of magnetic field at a distance of 10 cm from the conductor.

2. An amount of 3X10^20 electrons is passing in a conductor in 2 ms. calculate the electric current.

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    1) The curent is I = 5 Amps (Coulombs per second)
    According to Ampere's law, the magnetic field at a distance of R from the conductor is

    B = Uo* I/(2*pi*R)
    Make sure R is in meters.
    Uo is the permittivity of free space.

    2) Same formula for B, but
    I = 3*10^20*e/(2*10^-3 s)
    where 'e' is the electron charge in Coulombs

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