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Just reminding! If anyone has any ideas on how to teach first graders who are learning english as a foreign language (7 year olds)please be free to share them! I have to teach them 10 new words such as egg coffee ham tea milk butter toast bread etc.and i have to have app.20 activities!so any ideas are welcome!

  1. Writeacher


    Did you see all the wonderful ideas SraJMcGin posted for you yesterday??

  2. laxy

    Yes I have seen them! They are really wonderful! But i didn't find one thing that I need and that is how to present them these new words.That is the only thing I need know.The rest gave me SraJMcGin!:)

  3. GuruBlue

    I would suggest going to your school cafeteria and bringing in examples of all the breakfast foods for the children to associate the real thing with the word. You might even get some items for the kids to taste. They say the word correctly and they get a taste. Rewards are a definite incentive.

  4. SraJMcGin

    As GuruBlue mentioned taste = that is one of the 5 senses I recommended you reach. Taste is more difficult, but certainly not impossible.

    With all the things I gave you yesterday, much of what you now ask for is there, but let me try to be more specific. If you already know the words you want to present, so much the better.

    I still don't know what is available in your classroom, if you have to use all 45 minutes for the lesson, what the ethnicity of those students is - you can always build on anything they already know.

    Specifically - teaching vocabulary

    1. learn in context - don't forget the props - fake food is available at Teaching Supply stores, for example.

    2. vocabulary is learned going from passive to producing. At first LISTENING, then REPEATING (the real key is repetition, no matter how you do it - sing it, chant it, make up catchy frases, even rhyming, tapes. At first I made tapes but soon students made tapes as well. If I didn't cover tapes yesterday, remind me when you are ready for that.

    3. There are "stages" in learning vocabulary. First is visual, with flashcards, pictures, props. T hen is "recognition" where y ou can use "true/false", categorizing the words, matching...cloze exercises, opposites, parts of speech, multiple choice (line up cards with words for students to select A or B when you say the word and point to a card), having them "draw" the word, using the Bingo idea I have you yesterday, circling the word fomr a list. The next stage is "production" from the students - answering questions (yes/no), guessing a word you are thinking of, describing a picture, miming

    4. For the age group you have, the VISUAL is important, as well as the SOUND. (back to HEAR it, SAY it, SEE it, WRITE it!)

    20 activities? Keep it simple, keep it lively, keep it fun and if you enjoy what you are doing, the students will too!

    Hopefully, this is more what you wanted (specifics) . . . . .

    Sra (aka Mme)

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